As a Civil Marriage Celebrant I am most happy to perform Ceremonies of Commitment.

Please note that same-sex Commitment Ceremonies are not yet marriages under Australian law. Interestingly, over the last few years many couples have asked me to make a comment on their behalf in support of changes to the Marriage Act. I am most happy to do that. 

Commitment Ceremonies are quite special, for they occur when two people decide that they wish to make a public statement about their relationship.

I have had the pleasure of conducting Commitment Ceremonies between two women and, similarly, between two men. Although it might be stating the obvious, it is paramount that the couple decides exactly how it is that they wish to have the event conducted. As a Celebrant I begin my initial meeting with asking what the couple want generally, whom they might like to have involved, and what they envisage me doing?

There are no legal requirements for this Ceremony, so is therefore entirely up to the couple to decide what they would like. The basis might be the Marriage Ceremony, and that is quite flexible! Then again, there is no reason to stick to any format used for another occasion.

Like your involvement in any other Ceremony, it is important that you include the thoughts and words that are appropriate to your beliefs and expectations. It is my job to perform a Ceremony that suits your needs, and I will do it with pleasure.

The contents may include:

  • an introduction by the Celebrant
  • readings from any source, and read by a guest of the Celebrant
  • comments/promises to each other
  • exchange of rings

I also have a Certificate of Commitment for the couple and witnesses to sign.


Fee from 1 July 2011 for Commitment Ceremony is $300.