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Name Giving

As a Civil Marriage Celebrant I conduct Name giving Ceremonies, but of course any one can perform a Name giving Ceremony as they can a Funeral Ceremony. The Marriage Ceremony is the Legal Ceremony; the others are social and/or religious.Like your involvement in any other Ceremony, it is important that you include the thoughts and words that are appropriate to your beliefs and expectations. It is my job to perform a Ceremony that suits your needs, and I will do it with pleasure.

Some notes for a name giving ceremony

Name giving Ceremonies are precisely that. You register your child’s name at the Registry Office, you Baptise or Christen your child at a Church, but the social event of Name giving is where you celebrate the birth and naming of your child. Name giving does not preclude a religious event, should the parents or child decide to do that later. I often say that the Name giving is a good excuse for the parents to have a party!

So, there is nothing legal or religious about a Name giving Ceremony. It is, instead, an excellent opportunity to celebrate the birth and naming of a child, in the company of those whose support you value most highly. Work out a Ceremony that you expect to enjoy, that your child will sleep or gurgle through, and that your friends will remember with meaningful pleasure. Ceremonies are conducted in all sorts of locations and at all sorts of times – from on the beach before breakfast to in your garden before lunch. Adults like to be involved, and other children love to be there to participate in one of the rituals or ‘rites of passage’ that will form their lives.