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As a Civil Marriage Celebrants I perform Ceremonies where you reaffirm the vows that you took to each other at the time you were originally married.

Like your involvement in any other Ceremony, it is important that you include the thoughts and words that are appropriate to your beliefs and expectations. It is my job to perform a Ceremony that suits your needs, and I will do it with pleasure. A certificate of Re-Affirmation of Marriage Vows is issued for the purpose of this Ceremony.

Reasons for preparing a Reaffirmation Ceremony

You may wish to be involved in a Reaffirmation Ceremony because you have been married for a period of time like 25 or 50 years, or something similar you were originally married in a location distant from some members of their family, and now wish to involve absent family and friends. Overseas weddings are often the case here you may have been married in a Ceremony which did not include some aspects which you now consider important: vows, rings, and so on.

Ideas for the Ceremony

A Reaffirmation in just that – a time to reaffirm/remind us what happened at the time of the original Ceremony. Therefore, although anything is acceptable, it might be appropriate to include reference to aspects like: where did the original Ceremony occur, what occurred, what was said/promised? nor, what is more appropriate now: like particular readings about friendship, long-lasting love, family and friends. You might like to start from why you want such a Ceremony, then what you imagine you would like in it, then what could occur in an actual marriage ceremony for some ideas, and go from there.